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Effect of Black Tea on Blood Pressure

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Effect of Black Tea on Blood Pressure

One of the most common diseases today, hypertension, is really a menace. It is a condition when your blood flows at higher than normal pressures through the blood vessels. High blood pressure is termed as ‘the silent killer’ because there are no defined symptoms and in 90% of the cases, there is no known cause as well. This makes it even more dangerous than other common diseases.A stroke or a heart disease, aneurysm, heart failure, organ malfunction, and memory problems can be caused by high blood pressure.

Drinking black tea results in considerable reduction in the rate at which blood pressure varies, found a research paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Scientists believe that there is a certain ingredient in black tea (it is not caffeine) responsible for handling the blood pressure variations.

Black and green tea come from same shrub known as Camellia sinensis.However, in production of black tea, the leaves are crushed and allowed to oxidize more before they dry giving them a strong flavor.

For studying the effect of black tea on blood pressure, a research team in Australia performed an experiment involving 111 people, who showed symptoms of pre-hypertension. All study participants were told to drink black tea thrice a day. Their blood pressure was monitored thrice in the span of half a year.

The results of the study suggested that having black tea thrice a day reduced blood pressure variation by 10%. In fact, the effects were visible from the very first day.

This may not sound a significant improvement but researchers are of the view that even small improvements, such as mentioned in the study, have the potential to make a large impact prevalence of high blood pressure.

According to the recent studies, drinking black tea makes positive effect on the function of the endothelial cells, cells lining the interior of blood vessels. Endothelial dysfunction is a sign of changes in blood pressure.

Moreover, another research hasshown that the flavonoids present in black tea have a positive effect on blood vessel’s tone and help lose body weight.

However, it is important to note that drinking black tea alone is not enough to tackle the beast of high blood pressure.

Blood pressure could elevate due to several risk factors such as diabetes, high fat consumption, obesity, smoking, and others. So, the health experts urge anyone who has this condition or shows symptoms of it to follow a healthy diet, avoid stress and anxiety, and avoid high consumption of salt and alcohol.

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