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Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

Millions of microorganisms and toxins residing in our mouth can spread throughout the body. Therefore, oil pulling therapy is used to pull them out of the mouth in an effective way. This article discusses seven benefits of oil pulling.

Have you ever noticed Gwyneth Paltrow’s or Kylie Jenner’s smile? They are known to use oil pulling every morning. The antibiotic and antiviral properties of oil pulling help to clean and whiten your teeth and remove impurities. You will notice a significant difference just in three weeks. There is no need to use artificial ways of teeth whitening, like chemical strips, when oil pulling can serve the purpose.

Energy Upgrade

Our immune system consumes a lot of energy while to remove toxic substances from our body, a process known as detoxification. Where oil pulling serves as a quick and effective detox technique, it also saves our energy levels and makes us feel much better and energized.


Our mouth is the gateway to our overall health and wellbeing. There are colonies of microorganisms in our mouth (about 700 bacterial strains according to a research). Some of them are very dangerous with majority being harmless. Strong immunity and oral healthcare can tackle unfriendly bacteria. Several diseases are linked to gum diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, pregnancy complications and so on. When harmful microbes are removed at source, they are not spread throughout the body.

Hormonal Balance

Oil pulling also assists your body to balance the hormones. However, if you are dealing with some reasonable issues, oil pulling alone may not be sufficient. It acts as a supplemental or a support system for the medications to tackle hormonal imbalance. For instance, a person maybe suffering from Thyroid and suffers hormonal imbalance. Instead of taking prescribed medicine such as thyroxin, he relies on oil pulling. This might not work.

Clear Skin

When toxins are removed from the body, they are unable to make into the bloodstream. Therefore, the skin has the room to shine. Detoxification can help to have clearer skin. It can even rid the skin from skin rash, acne, hives etc.

Oral Hygiene

Finally, oil pulling is an effective technique for oral hygiene. Right from getting rid of bad breath, yellow teeth, and dry mouth to protection against plaque and gingivitis, oil pulling is known and scientifically proven for promoting oral hygiene.

It may take few days or even weeks to reap the benefits of oil pulling. Therefore, just hang on and keep working. You will be amazed at how beneficial oil pulling can become. To achieve all the benefits mentioned in this article, you must use ‘Coconut Oil Swish’ by Lauren Naturals.

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