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How to Cure Bad Breath Naturally Home Remedy

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Have you ever heard about Halitosis? Well, it is a medical term for bad breath.Unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating habits, or lack of dental care may cause bad breath. Bad breath may also signify other health problems.

Eating and Bad Breath

The food you eat affects your breath. Foods such as onion or garlic may cause bad breath because of their strong odors. Even if you brush or floss or even do mouthwash after consuming such foods, the bad breath might not go away unless the food gets digested and passes through your body.

Poor habits and Bad Breath

Uncleaned dentures and mouth become home to bacteria, leading to bad breath. Routine brushing, flossing, or anti-bacterial mouth rinsing prevent bacterial growth on the tongue, between the teeth, and around the gums. Tobacco consumption via smoking or chewing may also cause bad breath, sore gums, and stained teeth.

Health Problems and Bad Breath

One of the symptoms of periodontal (gum) disease is tenacious bad breath. Toxins are formed by bacteria, leading to gum irritation. Jaw bone and gums can be damaged if gum disease is not treated. Therefore, persistent bad breath must be taken serious.

Bad breath may also be caused by dental cavities, yeast infections, and poorly fitted dental appliances. Additionally, Xerostomia (dry mouth) can also originate bad breath. Saliva plays a critical role to moisturize your mouth. It washes away dead cells on gums, teeth, tongue, and cheeks, which may otherwise become the source of bad breath. Bad breath may also be the result of medications or salivary gland glitches.

Other systemic illnesses may also be followed by bad breath such as diabetes, liver or kidney issues, postnasal drip, bronchitis, chronic acid reflux and so on.

Prevention of Bad Breath

  • Brushing teeth and mouth rinsing twice a day with fluoride dental products and anti-bacterial mouthwash may help. It will remove plaque and food debris. Brushing the tongue is also recommended.
  • Regular dental checkup will help in timely identification of bad breath and associated problems. See your dentist at least twice a year.
  • Stop tobacco consumption immediately. You must take advice from your doctor on how to quit smoking.
  • Drinking lots of water, chewing gum, and sucking sweets will rouse increased saliva production, which will eventually drive out all the bacteria and food particles. Prefer using mints and gums containing xylitol.
  • Keep a diary noting all the foods and medications that cause bad breath in your case. Show that list to your dentist or periodontist while having dental appointment.
  • Elimination of bacteria causing bad breath can also be done using antiseptic mouthwash or oil pulling.

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