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How to Detox Your Body with Tea

How to Detox Your Body with Tea

Are you looking for ways to reduce your toxin load? Are you even aware of the presence of these harmful substances in your body?Toxins are all those substances that damage your body and may cause a disease. They come from water, air, food, clothes, or even your phone.

Detoxification of body is the removal and elimination of toxins from the body and thorough cleansing of the blood. It basically reinforces body’s protection against diseases by internal nourishment. It also involves replenishing the body with healthy nutrients.Fortunately, there is a very simple way to detoxify your body, that is drinking tea.

Green Tea

Just like with the vegetables, the greener your tea is, the better. You must have already heard health experts talking endlessly about the benefits of green tea. This magical drink contains lots of vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants that help improve the immunity of your body. Other benefits of green tea are:

  • Improved brain function
  • Accelerated burning of fat and better physical performance
  • Lowered risk of cancers and diabetes
  • Lowered risk of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  • Better protection against infections

This is not even the complete list of benefits offered by green tea.

It is not called the ‘healthiest beverage on planet’ for nothing.

The Morning and Evening Detox

Your detox schedule should be comprised of two parts: the morning detox and the evening detox.

In the morning detox, you basically replenish the vitamins you lost in the evening detox. If it is not done, you might not be getting all the benefits of your detox.

Your morning detox tea should be consisting of ingredients that are high in vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidant levels. The most preferred ingredients for the morning detox tea are ginseng, barley grass, cayenne, and Acai berry. Highly beneficial ingredients include Spirulina and Matcha tea. Matcha tea has the nutritional power of ten cups of green tea.

The evening detox tea works to get rid of the toxins and metals you accumulate during the day. It should be a mixture of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. A natural laxative, senna leaf, is highly recommended for the evening detox tea cleanse.

You can use the ingredients according to your taste and needs while taking special care not to overdose certain ingredients. Also, you can improve the unpleasant taste (that’s perhaps the only downside of detox teas) by adding honey or lemon juice.

Detox Schedule

In the morning, have a mixture of ginger and lemon juice with boiled water as soon as you get up and drink your morning detox tea after 20 minutes.

Before you go to bed, prepare and drink your evening detox tea as you like it.

Have 3-5 cups of green tea throughout the day. It could be simple green tea or you can add your favorite ingredients.

Remember, it takes determination and persistence for anything to take effect. Therefore, you must be patient and very consistent in your detox routine.

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