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Matcha Powder Tea for Weight Loss

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There seems to be a Matcha craze going on. Everywhere you go, be it in fancy restaurants or high – end coffee shops,  Matcha is always on the menu. Well, you shouldn’t be surprised. After all, a product that’s heavily loaded with health benefits should never take the backseat.

Matcha is powdered green tea. However, unlike the regular green tea which comes in tea bags, Matcha is stone – ground and comes in powdered form. It is mixed with hot water and is not being steeped like green tea. Hence, it is considered to be more potent because you get to take in all the nutrients that the leaves contain.  

Drinking Matcha started during the Tang dynasty. It became so popular that even monks are drinking it to get all the energy they need during meditation. It has become a tradition and was passed on from one generation to the next.

Matcha Powder for Weight Loss

Recent studies reveal that drinking Matcha doesn’t only make you healthy; it can also help you shed off some extra pounds. The secret lies in the cultivation process that Matcha needs to undergo. Prior to harvesting, it is covered with shade cloths to protect it from direct sunlight.  This stimulates the production of chlorophyll and other powerful antioxidants particularly EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate).

EGCG has been found to boost your metabolism and prevent those fats from coming back. Although found in most green teas, Matcha contains three times as much EGCG than other regular green teas. Hence, drinking Matcha for weight loss is very effective especially when accompanied with exercise and proper diet.

Regular gym – goers know that exercising alone is not enough. In addition to your daily workout, you must also incorporate Matcha powder tea in your daily diet if you need to shed off those extra pounds right away. EGCG, the powerful antioxidant found in Matcha can boost up your metabolism and help you lose more weight as you exercise.

Now, you may wonder, does drinking Matcha alone can help me lose weight? Well, it can help you lose weight, but only up to a certain degree. If you are using Matcha as an excuse to gobble on unhealthy food such as donuts and fries, then you are going nowhere. Chances are you’ll end up gaining more weight than losing it.

Matcha vs Coffee

If you need to stay up late at night to work on a deadline, try substituting coffee for a cup of hot Matcha tea. Matcha, like coffee contains caffeine which can help you stay awake and alert. You’re sure to finish whatever it is that you’re working on without the jitters and hunger pangs.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, drinking Matcha powder tea is perfect for you. It helps you get rid of those cravings after consuming coffee. Now, you don’t have to worry about partnering your daily dose of caffeine intake with a pastry or donut.

You must remember that drinking coffee can spike up your glucose level to keep you awake. This in turn can lead to potential weight gain which can ruin your weight goal plans. Matcha, on the other hand, contains lesser caffeine which can give you the feeling of calm alertness.

Different people have different ways of losing weight. However, some methods can be utterly invasive and harmful. So far, drinking Matcha Powder Tea for weight loss is the safest and most effective way to shed off some extra pounds. It gives you the best of both worlds as it doesn’t only help you lose weight; it also supports your overall health.

How about you? What have you done so far to achieve the body that you have been dreaming for? Have you tried drinking Matcha powder tea for weight loss? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Matcha Powder Tea

Matcha tastes fresh and green – similar to green tea, but more brothy and robust. The flavor strikes an appealing balance between mildly sweet and mildly bitter. The highest-quality matcha leans more towards the sweet side, while cut-rate matcha will taste more bitter. Like coffee and other teas, many people choose to add sweetener or some type of milk to their matcha. In fact, if you sweeten it up, it even tastes similar to iced black tea.

Yes, all our Matcha products are 100% USDA Certified Organic.

Purists insist that the only way to mix matcha is with a traditional bamboo whisk. If you don’t have one of these on hand, feel free to use a spoon. To break up lumps, try using a small fork or metal whisk to stir your matcha. In a pinch, a shaker bottle will work as well.

Of course not! While the traditional Japanese tea ceremony uses hot water and a bamboo whisk, you can drink Matcha however you would like. Blend matcha with milk for a morning latte, toss a scoop into your pre-workout smoothie, or mix it with cold water for a refreshing afternoon treat.

You can use either cold or hot water, whichever you prefer. To enjoy a basic matcha tea, mix 1 teaspoon of Matcha Green Tea Powder (culinary or ceremonial) with 6-8 ounces (3/4 cup to 1 cup) of cold or hot water. If you choose hot water, just ensure that the hot water is below boiling, so you don’t lose any of the benefits of drinking matcha (between 160°F – 180° F).

Because of its high content of EGCGs, matcha boosts fat metabolism and can burn up to 25% more calories. It can improve your energy and stamina, and many people enjoy matcha as a pre-workout drink.

Many people find that matcha increases their level of sustained energy for four to six hours. Matcha provides a calm, steady energy that comes from its unique combination of caffeine and L-theanine.

Caffeine affects different people in different ways. The general consensus in the medical community is that a small amount of caffeine (up to 200 milligrams per day) is fine for pregnant women. As with any product that contains caffeine, you should consult your doctor before consuming matcha during your pregnancy.

No. Unlike strong espresso drinks and other energy boosters, matcha has no side effects (just positive ones). Matcha enhances your energy naturally at a sustainable level, without jitters or any kind of “crash.” However, we don’t recommend drinking matcha on an empty stomach. Like other products with caffeine, this could cause your stomach to feel a bit unsettled.

Matcha green tea powder should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry, dark place.

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