Natural Ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils, organic teas.
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Meet Brie Fitt, brand ambassador and fitness guru.

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Just ordered my first Lauren Naturals Activated Charcoal in Organic Coconut Oil Paste for Skin Care. Can't wait to try it and stop using so many products that only make me look older! I am doing my best and trying to age gracefully!! This is a good way to start! As I have found less is more! There is NO miracle cure for aging! At 62 I am finally learning that! I have poured so much money down the drain trying everything on the market only to learn that they don't do what they promised!! I am truly excited to try Lauren Naturals products!! :)

Thomas Webster

I’m a dental hygienist and approve of this Coconut Oil Swish. Coconut oil and essential oils are the way to go and have so many health benefits such as oral detox, teeth whitening, pulling out bacteria, freshen your breath...the list goes on..I like it. thanks

Eliana Grace

Just ordered my Coconut Oil Swish product, can't wait to try it, I looking for a natural way to keep my mouth moist and do oral detoxing. I really like how coconut oil keeps my mouth fresh. Thanks for making such a great product


Love the Lauren Naturals Coconut Oil Swish. The company has definitely improved so much regarding customer service and communication. Love it!


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