Natural Ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils, organic teas.
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New Gig for Brand Ambassadors

We just finished another promotion.  Thanks for all that came out.  Good to work with Kali from @fitnessgirlsmotivation and Salie from @kratewomen on IG.  Glad our ambassadors had a chance to meet you as well.

We have another gig for our Brand Ambassadors. We are looking for Amazon video reviews of our Coconut Oil Swish teeth whitening mouthwash and our Charcoal Coconut Oil Paste.

Requirements:  Must have Amazon account to order product, and have paypal account to receive payment.

Step 1:  Order Coconut Oil Swish and our Charcoal Coconut Oil Paste

Step 2:  Do a separate video review of each product (2 files). 

  • Should be at least 45 seconds.
  • Natural review done in a natural setting
  • Use mirror effect or front facing camera so the words on the bottle show correctly
  • State what you like about the product
  • What are the benefits of the product

Step 3: Send us a link to your video review on Amazon

Here is an example

Step 4:  You get paid.  We will reimburse you the full price of the Coconut Oil Swish and Charcoal Coconut Oil Paste.  We will pay $32 for less than one hour of your time.  We will give you 1 free product of each item to share with any of your friends.

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